Sexual Abuse Counselling

Sexual Abuse occurs when a person uses their authority, either by using force or not, to get a child to participate in activities that are for the sexual gratification of the person in authority. Children lack the necessary information and maturity to make an ‘informed’ decision about sexual activities with an older person. They do not have adult knowledge of sex and sexual relationships, or the social meaning of sexuality and its potential consequences.

Research from Australia and other western industrialised nations varies in estimates of the prevalence of child sexual abuse. One Australian study estimated that twenty-eight percent of Australian girls and nine percent of Australians boys have been involved in some form of sexual exploitation by an older person.

Child sexual abuse is difficult to detect because of the secrecy that surrounds it. Children are often threatened or coerced by perpetrators into remaining silent and are frightened of the consequences if they disclose the abuse. Adults are often reluctant to openly discuss sexual matters with children, or to interfere in what they see as private family matters. These factors all contribute to a climate of secrecy which means that a child will have difficulty expressing themselves.

Bright Ideas Psychology’s Child Psychologist is trained to provide sensitive and effective counselling for child sexual abuse. Depending on the age of the child, play therapy techniques can be used to help the child or teenager work through what they have been though and reach an understanding.

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The types of issue Bright Ideas can help children & adolescents with are :

  • Low self-esteem
  • Vocational counselling and coaching for enhanced performance at school
  • Case conferencing/ case management with school and other therapists
  • Self harm counselling
  • Bright Ideas Psychology provides coaching for exam success.
  • Bullying at school
  • Parenting strategies/ parenting counselling
  • Child or teenage behavior problems/ behavioural therapy for children
  • Ways to overcome from separation anxiety, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, traumatic stress and phobias)
  • Learn creative techniques and strategies to help manage anxiety during this challenging period
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Child sexual abuse counselling with a child abuse counselor

A referral is not necessary; however clients can obtain an $81.79 rebate per session from Medicare if they obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from their Doctor. Rebates from many Health Insurers are also available.