Do you have a very shy child? A child that is a worrier or a child who is scared to try new things? Has your child has developed a fear of the dark or being separated from you? About 11% of children have problems coping with anxiety – compared to just 3% who suffer with depression (Macquarie University), so it is important to help your child receive treatment for their anxiety.

Anxiety can manifest as:

Separation anxiety

Kids who worry that something bad will happen when separated from mum or dad. They often refuse to separate – that is, they won’t go to school, sleep over at friends’ houses, or be left at home with a sitter.

Social anxiety

These kids are shy or withdrawn and may worry a lot about what people think of them. They will avoid social situations and often have difficulty making friends.

Specific fears

A child may become particularly fearful of objects or situations, like dogs or water. Their fear becomes so bad that they avoid situations in which they would need to face their fears.

Generalised anxiety

These kids are excessive worriers. They worry about many different areas including schoolwork, sport, family, and anything new. They ask for reassurance and may feel sick, get headaches or have trouble sleeping.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

These children tend to repeat actions or thoughts over and over, usually related to some type of fear.

Anxiety that is severe can impact on a child’s health and happiness. Some anxious children will grow out of their fears. Other children, unless they receive treatment for anxiety will continue to experience problems as a result of their anxiety.

Bright Ideas Child Psychologist was trained using the Cool Kids Programme at Macquarie University to work with children of all ages and their parents to help manage child anxiety more effectively.

An appointment can be made to see how Bright Ideas can work with you to resolve this issue. Call 02 9957 5858 to book free 15 mins Phone Consultation or Simply fill the contact us form and we will call you.

The types of issue Bright Ideas can help children & adolescents with are :

  • Low self-esteem
  • Vocational counselling and coaching for enhanced performance at school
  • Case conferencing/ case management with school and other therapists
  • Self harm counselling
  • Bright Ideas Psychology provides coaching for exam success.
  • Bullying at school
  • Parenting strategies/ parenting counselling
  • Child or teenage behaviour problems/ behavioural therapy for children
  • Ways to overcome from separation anxiety, obsessive and compulsive behaviours, traumatic stress and phobias)
  • Learn creative techniques and strategies to help manage anxiety during this challenging period
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Child sexual abuse counselling with a child abuse counsellor

A referral is not necessary; however clients can obtain an $81.79 rebate per session from Medicare if they obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from their Doctor. Rebates from many Health Insurers are also available.