Positive Psychology

Bright Ideas can provide positive psychology coaching to enrich and enhance your life, and to provide clarity when you are unsure of which path to take.

The relatively new field of Positive psychology looks at what’s right with people, rather than what’s wrong. It focuses on how individuals and groups can flourish, and perform at their peak. Positive psychology provides a robust theoretical and empirical base for the proficient practice of life coaching.

Positive psychology is not the focus on the positive at the expense of the negative, nor is it a ‘happiology”. It is first and foremost a science – concerned with the measurement, testing & evidence of positive states. It is also an applied science, in that research results lead to the creation of real-world interventions that will improve school, business and other aspects of individual social life.

Positive psychological interventions are ways of working with people where the focus is not on alleviating pain or restoring as personal to normal functioning from substandard functioning, but rather to promote superior functioning. Taking a client from 0 to +5, rather from -5 to 0, this is the common psychological therapeutic model.

Bright Ideas uses up to date, evidence based positive psychology interventions, and our practitioner has studied Positive Psychology with the University of Sydney. Established, well researched and effective assessments are used to inform coaching using strengths based approach.

A core part of positive psychology is the science of examining the strengths that each individual possesses, and that these can be used in coaching to ensure a positive outcome. Identification of top strengths provides a unique profile of the client at his or her best. This information highlights what motivates and inspires each client, and helps the client utilize their strengths to tap into their intrinsic motivations to help improve performance and find more satisfaction in task accomplishment.