HSC / Exam Coaching

Anxiety is a growing problem in students these days. It is natural to feel anxious sometimes, even more so around exam time. But the pressure to revise and do well in exams can be extremely stressful for children. It can leave them feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope and fearing that they are going to fail. Research has shown that test anxiety can present a significant threat to the well-being of students and increase the likelihood of educational underachievement. Severe anxiety can interfere with students’ ability to perform well in an exam and to recall important subject knowledge. Regular care among the children must be taken if they observe any related symptoms of  anxiety

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The types of issue Bright Ideas can help children & adolescents with are :

  • Bright Ideas Psychology provides coaching for exam success.
  • Ways to overcome from separation anxiety, obsessive and compulsive behaviours, traumatic stress and phobias)
  • Learn creative techniques and strategies to help manage anxiety during this challenging period
  • Self harm counselling
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Child sexual abuse counselling with a child abuse counsellor
  • Vocational counselling and coaching for enhanced performance at school
  • Low self-esteem
  • Bullying at school
  • Parenting strategies/ parenting counselling
  • Child or teenage behaviour problems/ behavioural therapy for children
  • Case conferencing/ case management with school and other therapists

A referral is not necessary; however clients can obtain an $81.79 rebate per session from Medicare if they obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from their Doctor. Rebates from many Health Insurers are also available.