Counselling for Adults

Bright Ideas provides mental illness counselling for adults, adolescents, couples & families, and treats a wide range of psychological problems and mental health disorders. Bright Ideas uses a variety of evidence-based therapeutic strategies and have particular expertise in tailoring these to meet the specific and varying needs of clients, toegther with a positive psychology framework.

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The types of issues Bright Ideas can help with are:

  •     Depression counselling
  •     Anxiety counselling
  •     Parenting counselling
  •     Women’s Issues
  •     Grief & Loss Counselling
  •     Victims of crime
  •     Stress Management
  •     Postnatal Depression
  •     Child abuse counselling with a specialised child abuse counsellor
  •     Sexual difficulties including libido issues
  •     Career transitions
  •     Work cover/CTP return to work counselling
  •     Pain Management
  •     Anger Management
  •     Youth and adolescent issues
  •     Vocational counselling
  •     Relationship issues

Collaborative therapist-client relationships are created where the focus is on building the psychological strengths and the wellbeing of the client using Positive Psychology techniques, as well as the resolution of difficulties and disorders. Clients are assisted to assume control of their lives by developing new perspectives and understanding, in an empathic manner. As a result learning to think in new ways, manage difficult emotional experiences more effectively, and practicing different ways of behaving become possible.

The type of therapies Bright Ideas uses is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and integrative psychotherapeutic models. Sessions can be conducted face to face, or via Skype or phone.

Clients can refer themselves, or  obtain an $83 rebate per session from Medicare if they obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from their Doctor. All you need to do is consult your Doctor and asked them to provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan. Rebates from many Health Insurers are also available. Bright Ideas also offers a reduction in fees if you pay for 6 sessions. Call 02 9957 5858 for details.