The Bright Ideas Approach

A science based approach

The Bright Ideas Approach

Bright Ideas offers coaching & counselling based on ‘positive psychology’ techniques. So before we go any further, let’s explain what that means!

Personal Coaching Personal Coaching It’s life coaching but not as you know it

First up, let’s address the elephant in the room. Terms such as ‘life coaching’ or ‘executive coaching’ often conjure up images that are fluffy, flaky, or ’you can do it’ touchy-feely. Many life coaches and executive coaches are not psychologists or qualified health care providers.

That is most definitely NOT the sort of coaching Bright Ideas offers. Our personal coaching from qualified psychologists brings robust, scientific and evidence-based methodologies to the table… measurable methodologies that will increase your personal resilience, power and strength in life, allowing you to unleash the best possible you and reach your goals.

If you’re after a true coaching psychologist to assist in your life, Bright Ideas might just be what you’re looking for. We do it differently.

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY explained (or taking clients from zero to 10!)

While traditional psychology focuses on an individual’s problems and relieving the symptoms of distress, positive psychology helps people build on their strengths in order to create a satisfying life filled with meaning, purpose, pleasure, positive relationships and accomplishment (of course, also helping with any distress).

Let’s say you could measure one’s ‘mental health’ on a scale where zero is ‘neutral’ and 10 is super-resilient and operating at peak performance. Anywhere below zero, down to say, -10, would represent someone whose mental health is in quite poor shape. Many traditional psychologists work with clients in the ‘minus column’ and their goal is to get them back to zero.

At Bright Ideas, returning to neutral and resolving illness isn’t enough for us; what about creating mental wellness? Many people who are at a -2 or -3 may be ‘doing fine’, but languishing a little, that is, not fully present and engaged in their life. They may be at risk of slipping into the deep minus figures.

As positive psychologists, we endeavour to help our clients live their lives in the ‘plus column’. We give you the strategies to stay there and build resilience to get back on track even when life throws you the inevitable curve ball.

At Bright Ideas, many of our clients are already doing ‘ok’… they’re successful people, often the best of the best, and most definitely not ‘broken’.